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Organic NattuSakkarai or Organic sugar is the best substitute for refined sugar. It has numerous benefits and does not compromise on taste. It can be used in myriad dishes and tastes as sweet as white sugar, if not better. It is produced by natural methods without any chemical additives. To lead a fit and healthy life go the organic route, and buy NattuSakkarai online.

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Naatu Sarkarai - 1KG NattuSakkarai or Organic Sugar is gaining more popularity nowadays as people are striving to lead a natural and healthy life. It is available in most grocery stores but it is also very easy to buy organic nattusakkarai online. Nattusakkarai is produced naturally without the presence of any chemical additives by boiling sugarcane to meet a particular consistency. The grade one nattusakkarai from Pettikadai is produced from the famous sugar cane farms from Erode. The nattusakkarai is the best quality and is better for consumption than white sugar. Its numerous health benefits include- reducing ulcers, improving digestion, and immunity. Buy organic nattusakkarai online to lead a healthy and happy life. What are you waiting for? Start ordering now!

The NattuSakkarai is made using the best sugar canes from the famous sugar cane farms in Erode. It is made naturally without the presence of any adulterants or chemicals. The organic sugar is made by boiling sugar cane juice to meet a particular consistency, which is then poured into a wide container and stirred continuously until it becomes dry. After it is dried, the hard sugar is beaten to form fine particles. The final product is then ready for shipment. To make use of the best quality organic sugar, buy organic nattusakkarai online from Pettikadai.

Organic Nattusakkarai can be used as a healthier substitute for white sugar in almost all the dishes. It can be used in coffee, tea, juices, and other beverages. It can be used in many desserts. The traditional Indian desserts were made using nattusakkarai in the olden days. With people trying to lead an organic life, nattusakkarai is witnessing a huge comeback of sorts and has been gaining popularity. You can buy nattusakkarai online from Pettikadai as it is more convenient and has numerous benefits.

Nattusakkarai contains more nutrients than refined sugar, therefore it is considered as a healthier alternative for sweet dishes and beverages.

Nutrition information for organic sugar :

• Calories : 383

• Sucrose : 65–85 grams

• Fructose and glucose : 10–15 grams

• Protein : 0.4 grams

• Fat : 0.1 grams

• Iron : 11 mg, or 61% of the RDI

• Magnesium : 70-90 mg, or about 20% of the RDI

• Potassium : 1050 mg, or 30% of the RDI

• Manganese : 0.2–0.5 mg, or 10–20% of the RDI


• Who can use NattuSakkarai?

       Nattusakkarai can be used by anyone- from adults to kids. It can be used as a substitute for refined sugar.

•  Is NattuSakkarai good for health?

        It is considered a healthier alternative to refined sugar and has a large number of nutrients. It also has numerous health benefits.

•   Where can we use NattuSakkarai?

         Nattusakkarai can be used in every dish and beverage that requires refined sugar. It is mostly used in traditional Indian sweets and desserts.

•    How is NattuSakkarai made?
         Nattusakkarai is made by boiling sugar juice to form a particular consistency. It is then dried and beaten down to form the fine particles that are the final product.

•    Is NattuSakkarai organic?

        Yes, NattuSakkarai is also called as organic sugar. It is made naturally without the presence of any adulterants or chemical additives.

•    Is NattuSakkarai better than refined sugar?

         Yes, it is better than refined sugar as it has no chemicals in it. Its nutrient content is also more than that of refined sugar.

•    How to Buy NattuSakkarai Online from Pettikadai?

          Go to our website and type in 'Organic NattuSakkarai' in the search box and click on the search button. Choose the required quantity and click on the 'Add to Cart' button. 'In Shopping cart', you can either choose to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. To continue with your purchase, you can log into your Pettikadai account. Once the cart is all set, proceed to checkout, submit your shipping address, select the desired payment process, and confirm your order.


• Prevents problems such as indigestion and constipation and improves digestion.

• Reduces Ulcers.

• Improves immunity in both children and adults.

• Prevents skin problems such as acne and pimples.

• Helps the skin to stay healthy at all times.

• Helps purify the blood and prevents blood disease and disorders.

• Beneficial for pregnant women.

• It is rich in iron and helps prevent anemia.

• It boosts energy and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

• Beneficial for menstruation problems as it provides relief from stomach pain and cramps.

• Aids in weight loss.

• Boosts metabolism and helps in building up of muscles.

• Contains potassium which aids in the reduction of water retention.

• Boosts intestinal health and controls blood pressure.

• Prevents respiratory problems and provides antioxidants.

• Treats cough and cold and controls body temperature.

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